As is the tradition of the ISMANAM Symposium, the annual ISMANAM Prizes were awarded during the Symposium dinner.

Senior Scientist Award:  this recognizes the outstanding contributions of a distinguished researcher active in any of the topics covered by the Symposium.  At ISMANAM 2016, it was decided that this award would be named in honour of the late Alain Reza Yavari, founder of the ISMANAM series.

Young Scientist Award:  this recognizes the promising contributions of a Symposium participant not older than 35 years of age, with an excellent track record within the topics covered by the Symposium.

Outstanding Student Poster Award:  sponsored by the European Physical Society (EPS).

Alain Reza Yavari Senior Scientist Award — 2017 Winner:

Prof. Wei Hua Wang, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS),  Beijing, P.R. China



Young Scientist Award — 2017 Winner:

Dr Piter Gargarella,

Department of Materials Engineering,
Federal University of São Carlos (DEMa-UFSCar), São Carlos – SP –Brazil



Best Student Poster Award

(sponsored by the European Physical Society,

Award: 200 Euros

Winner:  Poster NM-14P

Juan S. Trujillo Hernádez

Departamento de Física, Universidad del Valle, Mélendez, A.A. 25360, Cali
and Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Matemáticas, Universidad de Ibagué, Ibagué, Tolima, Colombia

Title: “Exchange coupling in MnAlC/a-Fe nanocomposite magnets prepared by cryogenic milling”

Previous ISMANAM Senior Scientist Award winners:

A. Inoue (1994),
W.L. Johnson (1995),
A. R. Yavari (1996),
A. Hernando (1997),
B. Cantor (1998),
A. Y. Yermakov (1999),
A.L. Greer (2000),
U. Köster (2001),
P. G. McCormick (2002),
R. B. Schwarz (2003),
J. Perepezko (2004),
L. Schultz (2005),
T. Egami (2006),
L. Battezzati (2007),
K. Samwer (2008),
R. Bormann (2009),
K. F. Kelton (2010),
E. Ma (2011),
J. Eckert, (2012),
M.W. Chen (2013),
M. Umemoto (2014),
J. Loffler (2015),

D. Baró (2016)

Previous ISMANAM Young Scientist Award winners:

Jürgen Eckert (1995), (1996),
Thomas Klassen (1997),
Ke Lu (1998),
Jianzhong Jiang (1999),(2000),(2001),
Dmitri Louzguine (2002),(2003),
Annett Gebert (2004),
Jordi Sort (2005),
Hongwei (Howard) Sheng (2006),
Mihai Stoica (2007),(2008),
Ran Li (2009),
Konstantinos Georgarakis (2010),
Rocío Ranchal (2011),
Junqiang Wang (2012), (2013),
Jordina Fornell (2014),
Simon Pauly (2015),

Ketov (2016)