evico magnetics GmbH:   http://www.evico-magnetics.de

The evico magnetics GmbH was founded in 2006 as spin-off of the Leibniz Institut for Solid State and Materials Research (IFW) Dresden. The main products are: (i) Advanced magneto-optical wide-field Kerr microscope systems for the visualization of magnetic domains and magnetization processes in all kinds of magnetic materials. The Kerr microscopes also serve as magneto-optical magnetometers for the sensitive and local measurement of hysteresis loops by MOKE magnetometry. (ii) High Pressure Milling Vials with a gas temperature monitoring system for the synthesis of magnetic powders and hydrogen storage materials. See www.evico-magnetics.de for information


Zoz Group: http://www.zoz.de

nanostructures – making more with less

Mechanical Alloying / High Kinetic Processing in large scale for Additive Manufacturing

Zoz Group manufactures Mechanical Process Engineering Equipment focusing on the Simoloyer® for high kinetic processing (HKP). Zoz is also utilizing Simoloyer® for manufacturing nanostructured powder/bulk materials from battery (ZoLiBat®) to hydrogen (H2Tank2Go®, Hydrolium®) to super-light-weight (Al-CNT hot-extruded, Zentallium®), even FuturZement|FuturBeton (e.g. public bridge Rosenthal at Olpe) and generates the natural rubber from dandelion roots for Continental’s auto-tire TaraxagumTM. Zoz is listed in the German Hidden Champions and for the Simoloyer® is under permanent observation of the German Export Control.

On ISMANAM2017, Zoz will report about the revitalization of Plansee`s former PM2000 as a new commercial ODS-platform (19YAT, powder/HIP-bulk) for PM2017/18 (20YAl/14YWT) in parallel with the dissemination of PM2019 representing a novel dispersion strengthened Ti-based PM2019 (Ti-6Al-4V-0,5dps) where the nanostructured powder composites are “pre-consolidated” by HIP and HP and subsequently atomized by EIGA to be commercialized in SLM and EBM processing. PM2019 is resulting from the ongoing Nanotun3D EU-H2020 funded undertaking, dispersoids (dps) are Y2O3, SiC and core-shell SiC@TiO2.

SCHAEFER TECHNIQUES: http://schaefer-tec.com/

 Schaefer Techniques is a French company located 25km south of Paris. With more than 40 years of experience, we have a solid reputation as a known supplier of scientific instrument for R&D and process controls. Schaefer Techniques is also responsible of Spain and Portugal.
Thanks to this European coverage, we can reach almost each and every country in Europe. Schaefer Group hire highly skilled engineer and scientist trained in sales, combining versatility and specialization.
Come to see us if you are looking for:

Surface Caracterization

  • Nano-indentation In-Situ
  • Tribometers
  • Hyperspectral Microscopy
  • Optical profilometers

Vacuum Technologies

  • Mechanical components for vacuum and UHV
  • Vacuum gauges
  • Electrical feedthrougths
  • Thermocouples

The size of each Schaefer enables a high reactivity, good management of highly complicated projects as well as flexibility in communicating between customers and manufacturers. We are waiting for you at the stand!


Stanford Advanced Materials: http://www.samaterials.com/

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a global supplier of a series of pure metals, alloys, ceramics and minerals such as oxides, chlorides, sulfides, oxysalts, etc. Our headquarters was established in 1994 in Irvine, California, USA to provide high-quality rare-earth products for research and development (R&D) purposes. SAM specializes in both high-purity chemicals (up to 99.99999%) for research institutes and technical grade materials for advanced industries.
With an added concentration on the materials of tantalum and niobium, SAM takes the lead in processing refractory and superhard metals. Our product line for these two elements range from ingots, foils, sheets, tubes, rods, wires, meshes, crucibles and flanges of single element to those of alloys. We also provide compounds of materials of tantalum and niobium, e.g. oxides, carbides, chlorides, ethoxides and oxysalts. All of these materials are fully customizable and fit widely-accepted standards. See www.samaterials.com for information.



European Physical Society: http://www.eps.org

University of the Basque Country: http://www.ehu.eus/en/en-home

Tamag Ibérica S.L.: http://tamagiberica.com/EN/index.php


CONVENTION BUREAU: https://www.sansebastiancongress.com/es/cb-inicio